Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County: Two Stories

Single Father Raising 8 Children

One of the greatest impact stories from the Limestone Girls Club before they merged with the Boys Club to become Boys & Girls Club (BGC) of Lawrence County includes a local family of 8 children being raised by a single father. The ages of the children range from 3 years old to 17 years old. The family came to the attention of one of the girls club staff members and she found out that the family would be losing their home in less than a month.

The father had recently lost his job, there was very little food for 8 children and there was no where to go for this family. The staff person took it upon herself to help this family in whatever ways possible. She went through several local social service agencies to see where help could be found and she was able to find the dad a job with the City of Bedford. She found this family of 9 an income based apartment, got the beds, furniture, appliances, clothes, and everything they needed to move into a new apartment and a new life.

Two of the small girls enjoyed their time at the girls club each evening in the after school program. They were also given dental and eye care, as seven of the eight were in need of glasses. Folks through out the community gave generously to this family’s cause and we are very proud to say they are doing great!

First-Person Success Story: Chris Moorman, Junior Staff

The Thornton Memorial Boys Club truly is the “Positive Place For Boys.” I have been very blessed to be a member of the Boys Club for over ten years. I grew up playing sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and wrestling at the boys club. As I grew older I finally was given my chance to give back. My position as a Junior Staff member gave me the chance to mentor boys and taught me responsibility in the process. I credit former Executive Director Joe Klumpp and current Executive Director Jim Jackson with helping myself and countless other boys to grow into the young men that we are today. Our local Boys Club is a credit to the community and all who have a hand in making it what it is today.