Why run a United Way campaign at your business?

Your United Way partnership benefits your business and your community.
Today's consumers want to do business with organizations that care about their communities and employees. Studies show that Americans care more now about whether an organization gets involved in social issues than they did less than a decade ago. When you visibly support the United Way, you are supporting programs that help you and your community thrive.

Eight in ten Americans say that an organization that supports social causes wins their trust.
The number of Americans who feel this way is on the rise — 21% more Americans feel this way now than in 1997.*

Americans want to work with and for organizations that show they care.
81% of Americans say they weigh an organization’s contribution to fixing social ills when they choose where to work. Approximately 86% of Americans are somewhat likely to switch to a brand that supports a cause if the competitor does not.*

We can accomplish more together than we can alone.
Our volunteers research community needs and solutions, and then invest resources – dollars and manpower – where they will have the greatest impact. Here, every dollar counts and resources raised by your employees will add up to lasting change in the lives of those in our communities. Your team can join together to make a measurable difference!

A campaign provides meaningful organizational development opportunities.
Campaign Committees provide your rising leaders opportunities to grow their leadership, project management and public speaking skills. Ask United Way about leadership development opportunities offered through United Way programs. Build camaraderie in your team by coming together around a common cause - making positive, lasting change in Lawrence and Orange Counties.

It is our job, and our privilege to connect you.
We are here to help individuals and organizations make positive, lasting change in our community.

*Based on Results of Cone Corporate Citizenship Study