Monroe, Owen, and Greene counties to receive $198,429 in Federal funding

Monroe, Greene, and Owen counties receive $198,429 in Emergency Food and Shelter Program Phase 39 and American Rescue Plan Act Funding

March 2022 - The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) Local Board has been notified that Monroe, Owen, and Greene counties will receive $48,314 in EFSP Phase 39 funds and $150,115 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

  • Monroe County’s Phase 39 EFSP award is $34,143 and the ARPA award is $105,527.
  • Greene County's Phase 39 EFSP award is $8,585 and the ARPA award is $26,938.
  • Owen County's Phase 39 EFSP award is $5,586 and the ARPA award is $17,650.

Funds will be distributed to local agencies that serve those at risk for hunger and homelessness through food programs, shelters, and assistance with rent, mortgage, and utility costs during the period of 11/01/2021-04/23/2023. These federal funds were appropriated by Congress and are made available through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency.

A Local Board of representatives from the region will determine how the awarded funds will be distributed among local emergency food and shelter applicants.

  • Monroe County representatives include the City of Bloomington, United Way of Monroe County, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, the Bloomington Jewish Community, Catholic Charities, IU Health Bloomington, South Central Community Action Program, and the Monroe County Commissioners;
  • Greene County representatives include the Greene County Foundation and the Greene County United Methodist Church; and
  • Owen County representatives include the Owen County Court Services.

Under the terms of the grant from the National Board, local organizations chosen to receive funds must:

  1. be private voluntary non-profits or units of government;
  2. have an accounting system;
  3. practice nondiscrimination;
  4. have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food and/or shelter programs;
  5. have a voluntary board of directors if a private non-profit organization; and
  6. be eligible to receive federal funds.

Organizations interested in applying for funds through the Emergency Food and Shelter Program must contact United Way of Monroe County at (812) 334-8370 ext. 11 or email for an application.

The deadline for applications to be received is 12 pm (noon) on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.