Free Tax Service brings back more than $1.2 million

June 29, 2021 -- The Free Community Tax Service helps residents file their federal and Indiana tax returns for free and claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), if eligible. United Way is proud to work with several local community organizations to help local residents retain more of their earnings.

This year, despite the pandemic, the Free Community Tax Service program had 50 exceptionally dedicated volunteers who adapted to difficult working conditions to help local residents file 959 federal returns, saving clients as much as $438,263 in tax preparation fees and bringing back more than $1,287,940 in refunds and credits. The Free Community Tax Service operated 6 full-service VITA sites managed by United Way, plus 2 completely virtual sites managed by AARP/TCE.

Clients report using their refunds and the EITC to pay for food, clothing, bills, rent, and to put toward savings. 119 filers received EIT credits, 65 received the child tax credit, about 72% were over sixty, and the average client AGI was $25,373.

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