Community Organizations Active in Disaster for Monroe County

Community Organizations Active in Disaster for Monroe County (MoCOAD) helps people rebuild after a community disaster. The MoCOAD network is composed of representatives from business, faith groups, local government, and non-profit agencies. 

MoCOAD helps our community mitigate, prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from large-scale disasters.  In June 2008, floods devastated South Central Indiana. United Way led the Monroe County Long Term Recovery Committee, which assisted 500 families for two years as they recovered.

In 2011, the MCLTRC transitioned into a more-permanent COAD. Ever since it was formed, MoCOAD has been active helping people recover from the May 2011 tornado.

MoCOAD members prepare continually to help when there is a need for long-term disaster recovery. 

MoCOAD’s main functions are:

  • Cooperation (creating a climate for cooperation, information and meeting together)
  • Coordination (fostering a common understanding and providing a liaison with public offices)
  • Communication (publishing and disseminating information)
  • Education (increasing mutual awareness and understanding of each organization)
  • Convening (arranging meetings, conferences, and training as necessary)
  • Policy (encouraging effective disaster planning and relief policy)

For more information, visit the MoCOAD website.