Report to the Community 2020-21

Collection of people working for their community

June 2021 - When 2020 started, we could have had no idea the immense changes ahead for all of us.

The pages of the newly released 2020-21 Report to the Community tell the story of the past year in words, numbers, and pictures, but cannot capture how much has changed.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, new ideas, partnerships, innovations, and a deepened sense of what we call “community” were born in the effort to Reimagine a better future.

And this is the silver lining. Your commitment to a better future inspired us to reflect on lessons and adaptations learned and to Reimagine what our community can look like when the pandemic is in the rearview mirror. With nearly half of us struggling to make ends meet before COVID, we cannot be satisfied just “getting back to normal.”

With the help of generous community-minded donors, United Way raised and distributed nearly $1.6m to date in relief funds and brought together community-wide collaborations to solve serious looming problems. Thanks to the compassionate generosity of donors and corporate partners, the COVID-19 Relief Fund was the beginning of an incredible fundraising sprint. That sprint finished by raising an additional $1.2m for our annual giving campaign, Reimagine 2020, through innovative digital engagement.

Our deepest thanks to the many loyal and new committed donors who made sacrifices for the good of others. Thanks also to the amazing people who volunteered their time through their workplaces, faith communities, clubs, and other affiliations. Every gift helped create a new future.

United Way is deeply grateful for all of you who are embracing the need to build greater resilience in our community during these challenging times and to help Reimagine a future that functions equitably for everyone. Thank you for your tremendous generosity.