Meet Harriet Pfister: Live United Spotlight

With kindness and a smile, Harriet Pfister brightens the day and lightens the load of those around her. She chooses to Live United every day. Since moving to Bloomington more than 40 years ago, Harriet has been involved with United Way: as a Loyal Contributor, campaign chair in the IU Economics department, United Way Board Member, volunteer, Mary Alice Gray Memorial Award recipient. And, since her retirement, she helps lead the fundraising campaign of the IU Retirees Association -- to whose members she sends hand-written thank you notes for their gift, each year. 

"Harriet is the ultimate United Way supporter, both in terms of volunteering as well as financially supporting the organization for the long haul -- a true local United Way legend," says staff member Liz Feitl.
When asked about her commitment to serving and volunteering, Harriet shared, "My parents really set the course. And my involvement in the Unitarian church, where the dignity and worth of every individual is respected, also plays a strong role in my belief to help others."  
In addition to her work with United Way, Harriet's volunteer service has ranged from being a Head Start teacher's helper to an IU Student Advocate (for 17 years!).
Harriet enjoyed 57 years of marriage to her beloved husband, Dick. Prior to his passing, they shared 35 trips overseas, traveling and exploring together. Although these trips gave her a rich understanding and insight into other cultures, Harriet says that she always enjoyed coming home.
Today, Harriet shares her wisdom, experience, and friendly can-do attitude with the United Way staff each week.
"I enjoy volunteering and it keeps me active!" Harriet also sees United Way as an incubator for young, talented students and interns, and she enjoys seeing their enthusiasm and growth.
"We are so grateful to Harriet for all she contributes to United Way - time, money, energy, and friendship. Every visit brightens our day," commented Barry Lessow.
Thank you, Harriet, for showing your Live United spirit every day through service, dedication and enthusiasm for United Way and your community!

Harriet Pfister