Our Shared Impact

Our shared impact

Your support of United Way moves families from poverty to possibility

Nearly half of the families in our region are in, or one emergency away from, poverty

– including 30% of families with children and 43% of seniors.

Your donation to United Way funds local programs that help struggling families and individuals move from poverty to possibility. Whether it is access to emergency food or shelter, rent and utility assistance, or financial empowerment opportunities, your gift helps people make ends meet today and build greater financial stability for the future.

Together, we tackle complex issues that no one can address on their own. In 2022 we invested over $2 million to create lasting change for our region!

Join in helping to move families from poverty to possibility.

The Impact of Your Donation

You create possibility:

  • $1/week provides healthy food for a low-income family for three days
  • $2/week provides one week of emergency shelter to an person in crisis
  • $3/week helps a student from a low-income family access important prescription medications
  • $10/week covers a full year of a client’s online therapy fees
  • $20/week allows a low-income family to send their toddler to high-quality preschool for one month

In the coming year, your contribution will mean that:

  • 8,729 children and adults will access physical and mental healthcare.
  • 1,990 youth will participate in mentoring and after-school programs.
  • 87% of people in transitional shelter will move into long-term, stable housing.
  • 2.8 million meals and 1 million pounds of fresh produce will feed people at risk of hunger.
  • 1,080 children and adults will find safe shelter