Community partners collaborate to reduce homelessness

Mother and Child embracing

United Way and Community Foundation partner with community to reduce homelessness and housing insecurity

The pandemic shined a light on the cracks in our local safety net, as it did throughout our country. We are proud of this community, which jumped right into the hard work, doubled down, and rolled-up sleeves.  

As the pandemic takes a toll, it is clear that homelessness and housing insecurity impact far too many people. And the numbers are growing. We must come together as a community to seek big broad solutions.

United Way of Monroe County and the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County are excited to set up and lead a collaboration to reduce homelessness and the housing insecurity issues we face as a community. With support from Bloomington Township, the City of Bloomington, Monroe County Government, Perry Township, and the South Central Indiana Housing Network, efforts are underway to bring together the community to develop a path forward.  

This work will not be fast or easy. The issues around homelessness are complex at both the individual and systemic levels. Homelessness knows no geographic boundaries, and with many regional resources concentrated in Bloomington, a multi-county approach is needed.  

Building on new and existing partnerships, many formed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we plan to bring together a wide-reaching network of regional providers, funders, and others to support short- and long-term strategies to reduce homelessness and address housing issues.

We are confident that this community cares. The generosity, talent, and engagement shown by our neighbors will lead to measurable success.

Are you interested in helping Reimagine housing security in our region? Contact Mary Morgan, Director of Housing Security, at to find out about opportunities to help shape our community’s future!