Community Statistics

Census Data:

State of Indiana <,US/PST045217>

Monroe County <,US/PST045217>
Greene County <,US/PST045217>
Lawrence County <,US/PST045217>
Owen County <,US/PST045217>
City of Bloomington <,US/PST045217>
Town of Ellettsville <,US/PST045217>

Other Sources of Data

ALICE (Asset Limited Income-Constrained Employed) Project 
ALICE Reports provide high-quality, research-based information to foster a better understanding of who is struggling in our communities.


Indiana 211 Data Dashboard

Kids Count Data Center (Annie E Casey Foundation)

Indiana Association of United Way Community Report Card
The report card provides an overview of 35 key indicators for Indiana counties

StatsIndiana (Detailed data for Indiana or any county)


RWJF County Health Rankings (Detailed data for Indiana or any county)

Indiana Business Research Center


High School Completion
Information on graduation rates can be found here.

City of Bloomington Community Survey

City of Bloomington B-Clear Open Data Portal

Bloomington Economic Development Corporation


Service Community Assessment of Needs (SCAN Report)

2020 County-Specific Data:

Greene County

Monroe County

Owen County


2012 SCAN ReportChapters include profiles of the region and local human services organizations along with an analysis of our strengths and needs related to these area: Education, Earning a Living, A Healthy Community, Youth Development, and Meeting Essential Needs.